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What's the master plan of the road (Elgin)?
 The purpose of The Project is to improve road safety and traffic flow on Elgin Ave and the surrounding areas. This will be particularly important when both the new Government, and Walkers office buildings are opened. The improvements will extend from the Central Police Station to the CNB Roundabout at Thomas Russell Way. There will be two through lanes as at present, but with the addition of a centre right hand turn lane from Cricket Sq to UBS Bank, and with both right hand, and left hand turn lanes in the area of the new Government Office Accommodation Building. The scheme includes a continuous new sidewalk for the whole length of the new road. See attached flyer.
What's going on in front of the Glass House?
 The road is being widened in front of both the existing and new Government buildings, to accommodate extra turn lanes in and out of those buildings, and also to improve access to the Government car park on Humber Lane. Some of the extra width is to make room for a mini-roundabout at the busy junction at Hospital Road.
Is there a road planned that connects Elgin to Shedden? Is it Melrose Lane?
 There is a long term future plan via Boundary Plan 435 published on July 15th 2002 in gazette number 14/2002, to connect Elgin Ave and Smith Rd via Humber Lane and Melrose Lane. This is not part of the current project.
What is being done about the flooding (when heavy rain hits) in front of Cricket Square?
 Elgin Ave, from Hospital Rd to UBS, presently drains to a central low point at Cricket Square. The few wells in that area are consequently completely overloaded. The new design splits the road into a series of highs and lows, each with its own set of new drains, such that the water will not all drain to one point. The scheme includes the drilling of 30 new wells, and the re-drilling of 4 existing wells. The road will be raised 12ins in the area of Cricket Square and the Walkers Building.
What is the cost of the project?

The project is estimated to cost approximately $2 million. It is lisetd in the Governments's budget under EA 126: Roads – George Town. This is a public document.

Who is doing the construction?
  The NRA will be handling most of the work with its own resources. Certain components of the work will be subcontracted out like well drilling, slip form curb and gutter, concrete sidewalks, and a major duct bank for the relocation of the CUC powere distribution lines underground.