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Traffic Safety

Understanding and Using Merge Lanes

  • When two or more upstream lanes are connected to a single downstream lane, a merging area is defined. In the merging area, additional caution is required on the part of motorists because vehicles from the two lanes may need to co-ordinate with each other. Merging is classified into (1) priority merging and (ii) non-priority merging. Priority merging includes merging from minor streets to major streets. Non-priority merging typically occurs at the downstream of toll plazas and lane drops on freeways.

Two Way Right Turn Lanes (TWRTL)

  • Aka Center turn lanes, shared turn lanes, legal wording Motorists Directions

The Principles of Access Management

  • Why Is Access Management Necessary? Constantly growing traffic congestion, concerns over traffic safety, and the ever-increasing cost of upgrading the islands roads have generated a new interest in managing the access to our highway system.

Street Skill Campaign

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Use of Roundabouts

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