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East West Arterial Enhancements

East West Arterial Enhancements

The NRA along with the Ministry of CPI is working to improve the commute for motorists coming from east during their morning commute as well as the drive home during their evening commute.  These enhancements are part of a longer term project to widen the East West arterial.  To date we have widened the Rex Crighton Blvd, Hurley Merren Blvd and multiple roundabouts, which include Dr. T, Red Bay, Century 21 (Grand Harbour) and CUC (Silver Oaks).

Dr Tomlinson Roundabout CLICK HERE

Red Bay Roundabout CLICK HERE

Century 21 (Grand Harbour) Roundabout CLICK HERE

Long Term Road Corridors

Long Term Road Corridors

Section 25 - May 2005 CLICK HERE 

Proposed Section 26 - February 2009 CLICK HERE


2016 Island Wide Traffic Collections Study

The National Road Authority (NRA) is responsible for the planning, construction, supervision and maintenance of Cayman Islands roads. Whose main objective is to ensure the provision of a safe and efficient network to the users.

Assuming that traffic data is the basis of the ground transport system, this information serves as a tool in the process to make better decisions and with more support. Which almost always they are involved in the allocation of funds for continuous improvement of transport. So the impact that involves collecting traffic data, is extremely important.

On this occasion the NRA has decided to conduct a traffic study of wide coverage, after about 17 years since the last study of this kind.

The NRA has launched a bid that SEMIC won. SEMIC has conducted the field and office activities to carry out the project 2016 Traffic Data Collection Program.

Red Bay Roundabout Reconstruction

From this Saturday, 2nd July, motorists, especially residents of the Prospect and Red Bay areas, will see an increase in work to reconfigure the Red Bay roundabout and enhance the east-west arterial. While work is underway, one lane will remain open as usual, and the closed bypass lane will be re-routed to another road to maintain traffic capacity. Work in this area is to be completed before the end of August. To ensure the safety of NRA workers as well as road users, drivers should remain aware of the temporary changes, drive with caution, and pay close attention to signs indicating lane closures or diversions.

Elgin Avenue Improvements

The Ministry of District Administration, Works, Land and Agriculture has given the go-ahead to begin major expansion work on Elgin Avenue this month. Works Minister the Hon. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, JP said the aim is to improve traffic flow and public safety ahead of the opening of the new government administration building early next year.

Savannah Gully - Flood And Storm Surge Mitigation Project

Welcome to the National Roads Authority web page for the Savannah Gully Storm Surge and Flood Mitigation Project. The project was initiated to address flooding caused when storm surge breaks through low spots in the coastal ironshore area, commonly referred to as the gully. The area affected by the flooding in the Savannah Gully area extends through the Savannah, Sandy Ground, Spotts Newlands, Savannah Acres, Savannah Meadows, Newlands, and North Shore Estates subdivisions.

The purpose of the project is to minimize the amount of floodwater associated with a Category 2 storm surge flowing inland between Sandy Ground Road and Bougainvillea Way, and to develop a drainage plan that will convey any floodwaters safely and effectively out of the study area in an effort to protect human health, enhance public safety, and minimize property damage.

This webpage has been developed to provide the public with the most recent project updates. The NRA encourages you to review the project materials on this site and provide us with your comments and questions.

Thank you for your interest in this project.