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Sidewalk Encroachments

Keep sidewalks clear and keep our pedestrians safe

National Roads Authority (NRA) officials wish to remind property owners and residents of the hazards of obstructing pedestrian areas, and business owners the dangers of placing private signs (especially sandwich boards) on sidewalks.

“These signs pose great risk to our pedestrians as they have to step-out into the road to avoid the sign,” said NRA Managing Director Paul Parchment. Areas that are non-compliant include businesses along Dorcy Drive, North Sound Road and Seven Mile Beach.

The NRA requests that any obstruction to pedestrian mobility on a sidewalk or roadside walkway be removed by the end of March 2015.

Under the Roads Law, road encroachments carry fines of up to $5,000.  After serving notice, the NRA may remove or reduce the obstruction – at the owner’s expense.    

“We kindly ask property owners to ensure that all trees, landscaping and signs pose no danger to pedestrians or drivers. For clarity, it helps to consider that the majority of the Cayman Islands’ roadways consist of a carriageway (for motor vehicles), as well as a narrow shoulder (usually three to ten feet wide) normally used by pedestrians,” added Mrs. Pandohie, Transportation Planner, NRA. 

Accordingly the public is reminded that such encroachments of sidewalks and road corridors violate Section 16 of the Roads Law and can be reported to the NRA. 

To report an encroachment or obtain more information, call the NRA on 946-7780 or visit the website: or our new facebook page at