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Mission and Values

National Roads Authority Mission and Values

Mission of the National Roads Authority

To contribute to sustainable transport and land development in the Cayman Islands by building and maintaining a safe and efficient network of roads, in partnership with our Board of Directors, our Ministry, Cabinet, and the Private sector, having regard to national and economic growth strategies.

Vision of the National Roads Authority

Commitment to our mission will enhance the quality of life, promote economic prosperity, and improve access and mobility for all residents and visitors of the Cayman Islands. We will be a recognized leader in the Caribbean for providing high quality roads and transport related infrastructure.

Primary function of the National Roads Authority

The NRA's primary function is to secure the provision of a safe and efficient network of public roads. It has overall responsibility for the planning, supervision, construction, and maintenance of the road network.

In addition, the NRA has a number of specific functions under the National Roads Authority Law 2006 Revision, including:

• Set operational priorities with regard to construction, upgrading, rehabilitation and maintenance of public roads;

• Provision of medium to long term plans for road development that makeup a National Roads Plan. (updated every four years).

• Implementation of a maintenance management system for planning, organizing, directing and controlling routine and periodic maintenance activities performed by employees of the Authority or through independent contractors

• Securing the provision of construction, improvement and maintenance works on the road network;

• Carrying out, on a permanent basis, such necessary engineering traffic and economic studies that it may consider necessary for the maintenance and improvement of public roads.

• Training, research or testing activities in relation to any of its functions.

• Provide to the Minister advice on:
  (i) the adequacy of the funding provided to the Authority from the Road Fund for financing the maintenance and construction of public roads;
  (ii) the need to develop new, or abolish or amend existing, financing instruments for the Road Fund; and
  (iii) the optimal level of Authority revenue from the Road Fund in the context of other revenue sources of the Authority; and

Core Values of the National Roads Authority

Integrity and Responsibility

We the employees of the National Roads Authority believe in honest and open communication that accentuates best business practices.  We are dedicated to the highest ideal of integrity, openness and fairness in meeting the needs of the Government and the citizens of the Cayman Islands.  We are committed to the careful stewardship of our resources including financial as well as physical.

Customer Responsiveness

We believe, as trustees of public resources, we have an obligation to ensure that service to the public is delivered without exception in a professional, timely and courteous manner. We are passionate about our responsibilities in building and maintaining a safe and efficient network of roads which benefit our economy and way of life. We are committed to encouraging the public who we understand to be our main customers to become active participants in our transportation planning and development process.


We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. Through them our vision and mission will be accomplished. We will continue to treat them with fairness, dignity and respect. We value the culture of participation and the concept of teamwork within our organization. We respect the recommendations of management and professional staff recognizing their role as leaders and facilitators.


We strive to incorporate innovation in our operations in order to provide the people of the Cayman Islands with a well maintained network of public roads. We are committed to utilizing modern and innovative means of enhancing the services that we provide to our customers and to reducing our operating expenses. We are open to change and willing to try new ways to fulfill the organization's vision, mission and goals more effectively.


We are committed to creating an environment of mutual respect where open honest communication is our cornerstone. We embrace the diversity of our team and individual perspectives in working together to achieve our common goals.