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Savannah Gully Flood & Storm Surge Mitigation Project

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Planning Phase

Original scope of study was to design a seawater flood mitigation and coastal defense system in the Savannah Acres area. Started in March 2006, this phase was completed at the end of October 2006. Major steps included:


Identified problem and source of problem

Identified extent of flooding

Researched existing geotechnical and hydraulic data

Identified Measures of Effectiveness

Identified range of conceptual alternatives.

Public outreach (two sets of public meetings) and media involvement.


Conceptual Engineering & Detailed Investigation Phase

Scope included conducting the detailed studies to identify subsurface and storm surge forces. Coastal engineering determined problem to be wave run up not storm surge. Wave forces determined from modeling. Phase completed at the end of March 2007. Major steps included:


Conducted preliminary subsurface drilling program

Conducted topographic survey of ironshore

Identified feasible wall types and foundations

Storm surge modeling

Hurricane wave generation modeling

Nearshore wave modeling

Wave Run up and overtopping


Preliminary Engineering and Final Design Phase

This phase will follow a modified design build approach in order to meet an expedited schedule. Phase completed at the end of October 2007. Major steps included:


Foundation Analysis

Foundation Design

Foundation Recommendations Summary

Preliminary Floodwall Engineering

Final Floodwall Design


Final Public Meeting

Public meeting was held on November 1st, 2007 to discuss previously presented alternatives for preventing or mitigating flooding.


Reviewed results of coastal engineering studies

Evaluated potential solutions previously presented

Details on floodwall design and effectiveness were presented

75 residents were present at the meeting and the majority overwhelmingly supported the wall.


Proceeding with the Project

Application for Planning Permission for the Flood Mitigation Wall is made to the Central Planning Authority in late March 2008.

With three objections to the project and several petitions by area residents supporting the project, the Central Planning Authority grants Planning Permission to the National Roads Authority on June 18 2008.

Notice of Appeal is filed against the CPA by one of the objector of the project on July 11 2008.