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Two Way Right Turn Lanes (TWRTL)

Aka Center turn lanes, shared turn lanes, legal wording

Whenever a highway or roadway has a central lane in which traffic may enter from either direction for the purposes of making a right turn, no vehicle shall be driven into such central lane at a location, which is more than 300 ft from the location where the vehicle will turn right across one or more lanes of oncoming traffic. No vehicle, which has been driven into such a central lane, shall be operated in such central lane for more than 300 ft.

Motorists Directions

In the Cayman Islands, if a street has a center turn lane, you must use it to turn right. You may only drive for 300 ft in the center turn lane. This is to help deter drivers from using this lane as a regular traffic lane or as a passing

TO TURN RIGHT FROM THE STREET, signal and drive cautiously and completely inside the center right turn lane. DON’T stop part way into the lane, with the back of your vehicle blocking traffic. Make sure the lane is clear in both directions and then turn only when it is safe. Look for vehicles coming head on toward you in the same lane as they start to make their right

When TURNING RIGHT FROM A SIDE STREET or driveway, signal, wait until it is safe, then drive completely into the center right turn lane. DON’T leave part of the vehicle protruding on either side of the center turn lane. Drive slowly and cautiously for no more than 300 ft paying attention to traffic in both directions. Come to a complete stop in the center lane if necessary. Enter the traffic stream only when it is safe.

Driving across a center turn lane is permitted only in instances where there is a considerable break in traffic.