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East West Arterial

The Rex Crighton Boulevard (formerly the East West Arterial) will be extended by two miles from Hirst Road to east of Woodland Drive in Bodden Town. Site clearing and preliminary filling has commenced – Topographical Survey and Final Design of Phase 1 (the section from Hirst Road to Woodland Drive) are in progress.

NRA has finalized the design of the intersection of Hirst Rd and East-West Arterial, as well as options for the Intersection with Shamrock Rd at the eastern end of this segment.

NRA are in discussions with the National Conservation Council to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) concurrently with design / construction of Phase 2 from Woodland Dr to Lookout Gardens.  

Phase 1 Under Construction - Hirst Road to Woodland Drive  

Phases 2 and 3 EIA Development Woodland Drive to Lookout Gardens and Lookout Gardens to Frank Sound Road

Traffic Analysis and EIA Development 

Traffic Discussion in the Press

Article 1 - Why is the Proposed East West Arterial Corridor so Important?