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Subdivisions Regulations

>> DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS FOR SUBDIVISION ROADS & PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT PURPOSE : The purpose of these specifications is to promote the safety, convenience, and general welfare of the community by providing for the proper construction of all surfaced areas, adequate space for utilities, access for emergency response units, as well as sanitation and other service vehicles.

Storm water Management Regulations

>> The Planning Department and the National Roads Authority have been working together to draft revised procedures for addressing stormwater management on Grand Cayman. These policies are available for public review, as well as an online form to assist applicants with determining their stormwater infrastructure requirements. Questions or comments can be directed to [email protected]. Please click here.

Traffic Calming 

  • What is it?
  • Why is it necessary?

Traffic Impact Study 

  • Terms of Reference and Guidelines for Traffic Impact Study in the Cayman Islands Click Here

 Long Term Road Corridors

>> Section 26 – February 2009 Caveat: The enclosed map for the proposed Section 26 gazette was endorsed by the NRA Board of Directors in February  2009 and was forwarded to the Ministry of Works for Cabinet gazettal.  In September 2009, the Honourable Minister of Works was briefed by NRA management of the 2009 Proposed Section 26 and the NRA is awaiting feedbacks on the proposal for transmittal to Cabinet for approval.

Master Ground Transportation Plan

>> Master Ground Transportation Plan Caveat:  The proposed road corridors that are included in the 1988 Master Ground Transportation Plan are not gazetted by the Cayman Islands Government and therefore do not hold any standing in Roads Law and as such no land parcels have been subjected to acquisition for these proposed road schemes.  The Roads Law has since been revised and amended whereby owners of land to be acquired for road schemes receive official gazette notices pursuant to Section 3 of the Roads Law (2005 Revision).