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  • June 10 2024: Severe Flooding and Road Closures in Grand Cayman

June 10 2024: Severe Flooding and Road Closures in Grand Cayman

June 10 2024: Severe Flooding and Road Closures in Grand Cayman


Date: June 10, 2024

Contact: National Roads Authority
Phone: (345) 946-7780

Email: [email protected]

Subject: Severe Flooding and Road Closures in Grand Cayman

Various roads across Grand Cayman are heavily flooded, making travel hazardous. Residents are urged to avoid these areas if possible and to follow any posted road closure signs.

Immediate action has been taken to address the impacted regions and ensure public safety.

The National Roads Authority (NRA) is working tirelessly to manage and mitigate the flood impact.

The following roads have been closed to motorists:

The Linford Pierson Highway (both eastbound and westbound lanes)

Agnes Way

East Boulevard (from its junction at Walkers Road)

Windsor Park Road (from its junction at Walkers Road)

Residents are urged to stay off the roads wherever possible, to avoid flooded areas and adhere to road closure signs.

Emergency services are on standby to assist those in need, and Red Cross headquarters is currently open to receive displaced individuals. A secondary shelter at the East End Civic centre opens at 1:30pm today, Monday 10 June. Medical responders will be on site to provide emergency care.

If you must be on the road, please adhere to these Driving Tips;

Slow Down: Wet roads can be slippery. Reducing your speed helps maintain control of your vehicle.

Increase Following Distance: Allow more space between your vehicle and the one in front of you to account for longer stopping distances.

Turn on Headlights: Improve visibility by using your headlights, even during daylight hours.

Avoid Standing Water: Driving through standing water can cause hydroplaning and loss of control. Deep standing water may also stop your vehicle,

Use Air Condition: Keep windows clear by using air conditioning to avoid internal condensation (fogging)

Check Your Tires: Ensure your tires have adequate tread and are properly inflated to maximize traction.

Brake Gently: Avoid sudden braking. If you need to stop, do so gradually to prevent skidding.

Stay Updated: Listen to local news or follow the NRA's official channels for real-time updates on road conditions and closures.

Avoid the roads, if at all possible.

For real-time updates, please visit the NRA's official website or follow our social media channels. In case of emergencies, contact 911 immediately.

Direct inquiries with the NRA, please contact:

Phone: +1 (345) 946-7780

Email: [email protected]