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Project Description & Mapping

The project runs from the Eastern Districts at Savannah to the west near Red Bay ( Click Here for a map of the study area). The relief route will be constructed in two phases. In Phase I, the new road will have one travel lane and one bike/pedestrian lane in each direction with a 40 mile per hour speed limit. Adjacent properties will be granted directional access along the new roads and roundabouts will be constructed at local street intersections. The roads in Phase I will be separated by a wide median which will be used for additional future traffic lanes. Access across the median will be constructed for emergency vehicles only.

In Phase II, four additional travel lanes (two in each direction) will be constructed in the median with a 40 mile per hour speed limit as well. Adjacent properties will continue to have directional access along the Phase I frontage roads but will only be able to access the Phase II travel lanes at each roundabout. Bike and pedestrian traffic will remain on the frontage roads. A swale and/or other storm water facilities will be maintained in the center of the remaining median with access across the median preserved for emergency vehicles only.

A typical section of what the new road will look like for both the Phase I and Phase II conditions may be found Click Here A rendering of what the Phase I and Phase II roundabout approach/diverge will look like may be found Click Here