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Grand Harbour Roundabout Changes

Major Changes Happening Along The Grand Harbour Roundabout

National Roads Authority (NRA) wishes to notify the public of significant changes being made to improve the safety and functionality of the Grand Harbour roundabout. From 5th June, motorists will no longer be able to turn on to South Sound or Crewe Road via the Grand Harbour roundabout when exiting Grand Harbour. Those leaving Grand Harbour will need to travel up along Shamrock Road and circle the next roundabout if wishing to travel west along South Sound or Crewe Road.

“As an urgent safety concern, the NRA has decided that it would be in the best interest of the public to close off the westbound right turn from Grand Harbour around the Century 21 Roundabout. Once the Edgewater Connector is complete the NRA will revisit this decision”, commented Edward Howard, Managing Director of the NRA.

With the number of cars on our roads ever increasing and with the congestion seen on a daily basis in the area, the decision to close this lane of the roundabout was made to improve public safety and reduce the risk of collision. The NRA wishes to thank the public for their understanding and cooperation as we continue to work to improve the safety and development of Cayman’s roads.

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