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Savannah Gully - Flood And Storm Surge Mitigation Project

Welcome to the National Roads Authority web page for the Savannah Gully Storm Surge and Flood Mitigation Project. The project was initiated to address flooding caused when storm surge breaks through low spots in the coastal ironshore area, commonly referred to as the gully. The area affected by the flooding in the Savannah Gully area extends through the Savannah, Sandy Ground, Spotts Newlands, Savannah Acres, Savannah Meadows, Newlands, and North Shore Estates subdivisions.

The purpose of the project is to minimize the amount of floodwater associated with a Category 2 storm surge flowing inland between Sandy Ground Road and Bougainvillea Way, and to develop a drainage plan that will convey any floodwaters safely and effectively out of the study area in an effort to protect human health, enhance public safety, and minimize property damage.

This webpage has been developed to provide the public with the most recent project updates. The NRA encourages you to review the project materials on this site and provide us with your comments and questions.

Thank you for your interest in this project.

Public Meetings
Public Meeting No.1 on 30th and 31st May, 2006
Public Meeting No.2 on 25th October, 2006
Public Meeting No.3 on 1st November, 2007
Food Synthesis Mapping
Synthesis of Hurricane Wilma Storm Surge Flooding
Alternative One
Alternative Two
Alternative Three
Engineering Toolbox
Vertical Wells
Coastal Armoring
Flood Prevention Structure
Raise Roadway Profile
Culvert Under Existing Roadway
Flood Storage
Planning Application
Central Plannin Authority Decision on 18th June, 2008
Letter of Appeal, 11th July,2008
Pitition in Support of wall
Planning Application
Final Design & Bid Documents 2007
Savannah Gully Coastal Flood Wall RDS/BT/125-EA 62 Preliminary Submission
Appendix 4 - Contract Specifications
CE&S Engineering field boring log
Condition of Contract for works of civil engineering construction
Savannah Gully coastal flood wall construction of coastal flood wall contract documentation
Geotechnical report for foundation recommendations
Grand Cayman Storm Surge Assessment
Savannah Gully Coastal Flood Wall 90% Plans Submission
Savannah Gully storm surge & mitigation project proposed wall locations, March 09,2006
Synopsis of Surge & Flood Control