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Traffic Safety

Understanding and Using Merge Lanes
When two or more upstream lanes are connected to a single downstream lane, a merging area is defined. In the merging area, additional caution is required on the part of motorists because vehicles from the two lanes may need to co-ordinate with each other. Merging is classified into (1) priority merging and (ii) non-priority merging. Priority merging includes merging from minor streets to major streets. Non-priority merging typically occurs at the downstream of toll plazas and lane drops on freeways.
Two Way Right Turn Lanes (TWRTL)
Aka Center turn lanes, shared turn lanes, legal wording 
Motorists Directions
The Principles of Access Management





Why Is Access Management Necessary?

Constantly growing traffic congestion, concerns over traffic safety, and the ever-increasing cost of upgrading the islands roads have generated a new interest in managing the access to our highway system.


As the island develops, existing two lane roads cannot effectively handle the demand and eventually more travel lanes must be provided. New, multi-lane facilities attract traffic because they provide a good travel environment with limited delay and reasonable travel speeds. Development is naturally attracted to these type of facilities and a variety of land uses such as shopping centers, gas stations, employment centers, retail and restaurants start to move in.

Street Skill Campaign

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Use of Roundabouts

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